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Firm date set for 8th Street Bridge shutdown

August 7th, 2007 - 5:54am

(Port Angeles) -- The city of Port Angeles has set a firm date to close one of the 8th Street Bridges. The western bridge over the Tumwater Truck Route will shut down on August 20th. City Public Works Director Glen Cutler says soon after the closure, crews will begin the process of taking the bridge out. The Tumwater Truck Route will remain open and traffic will continue to be controlled by the alternating temporary signal. Traffic that would've used the bridge will be rerouted on a detour. A map of the route is available here: 8th Street Bridge construction detour map. The other 8th Street Bridge over Valley Creek will remain open at least until next month. Crews don't expect to star demolishing that bridge until at least September 17th.
Meantime, there'll be a lot of noise and shaking going on in downtown Port Angeles. Cutler says crews could start pounding in structural piles today at the Gateway Transportation site on Front and Lincoln. Yesterday, crews set up for the project to drive huge poles into the ground. That'll make up the structure of the nearly 14-million-dollar project Cutler says the pile driving work could continue through the next week.

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