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Huge girders coming for new 8th Street bridge

March 27th, 2008 - 5:36am

(Port Angeles) -- A major milestone in the 8th Street Bridge Replacement Project starts next week. Beginning Tuesday, April 1st -- twenty-five concrete girders for the Tumwater Creek Bridge will be delivered and set into place over a nine-day period. Port Angeles Public Works and Utilities Director Glenn Cutler says the girders were manufactured by Concrete Technology Corporation. They'll be transported from Tacoma with special heavy-capacity trucks via Van Dyke, Incorporated. Each one of the reinforced concrete girders weigh approximately 170-thousand pounds, range in length from 138 to 155 feet and are 7-feet tall. The haul-in and setting process will require an 8-day closure of the Tumwater Truck Route, a one-day closure of Cedar Street and periodic closures of Marine Drive between and including the intersections of the Tumwater Street and Cedar Street. Girders will be transported to three staging areas -- Cedar & 8th Streets, 8th and A Streets, and the construction site on the Tumwater Truck Route. Girders delivered to Cedar & 8th Streets and 8th & A Streets will be lowered into position while girders from the Truck Route site will be lifted into position. The first set of five girders will begin arriving between 6:00 a.m. and 7:00 a.m. on April 1st. Cedar Street will close at approximately 6:00 a.m. Girders will arrive in stages through the morning. Trucks will arrive via Front Street and travel west onto Marine Drive. Trucks will turn right off Marine Drive and make very slow and wide turns around the west, north and east side of the Westport Marine building for proper alignment to continue south across Marine Drive and directly up Cedar Street. All vehicle and pedestrian traffic on Marine Drive will be stopped temporarily as trucks make the wide right turn into Westport and again when they pull out from Westport, cross Marine Drive and then begin up Cedar Street. Cedar Street will be closed to all other vehicles and pedestrians after trucks begin their slow ascent up the hill. Port Angeles Schools will be on Spring Break so school bus routes will not be affected. The safest and best way to observe the girder moving process is via the 8th Street Bridge Webcams on the City's internet website.

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