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PenPly president: "Things are back to normal" after fire

May 25th, 2010 - 5:26am

(Port Angeles) -- The president of a Port Angeles plywood mill says the company is fully functioning again.

Peninsula Plywood President Josh Renshaw said after a temporary boiler was installed in the mill last week, crews were able to ramp up production to full levels again. The mill was shutdown for nearly a week last week after a fire destroyed a control panel. That control room handled the boilers at the plant.

"We were just going to a third spread of crew when the fire broke out," said Renshaw. "But as of today, we have those guys training. So we lost a few days, but we're back on track to where we were."

Meanwhile, the cause of the control panel fire is under investigation. "They're still looking into it, they don't know. We have both the fire department and insurance company investigating," said Renshaw. "It's probably electrical, but we want to be absolutely sure so we can take counter measures." Renshaw said the employees lost about two days of work, but they'll make that up over the coming weeks with overtime.

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