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Boat owners unhappy about moorage rate increase

October 9th, 2012 - 6:14am

(Port Angeles) -- At least a dozen boat owners let the Port Angeles Port Commissioners know they are unhappy with a rate increase coming for moorage in the Boat Haven.

They also told commissioners yesterday they don't like an insurance requirement that names the Port as a secondary beneficiary in the event of an accident and claim.

Many boaters told the commissioners they are being driven out by the increased rates, and are looking at other places to tie up their boats.

Rates will go up about eight percent after the first of the year.

Port officials cited other marina prices as a comparison in putting together a market survey. However, boat owner Bill Spring says Clallam County has the lowest median family income, and the highest unemployment rate of the eight counties cited in the study.

After yesterday's meeting, the port commission said the rates will go into effect after the first of the year.

However, commissioners say they'll work with staff to take a closer look at the rates next year.

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