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Thieves make off with jewelery for two Port Angeles stores

October 10th, 2012 - 5:51am

(Port Angeles) -- Police continue looking into two "smash and grab" burglaries at Port Angeles jewelry outlets.

The first happened October First early in the morning at Angeles Pawn Shop along east First Street. Now a second, similar case has occurred at Fountain Square Jewelers in downtown Port Angeles.

In the first case, police say about five-thousand dollars in jewelry was taken. Investigators say two suspects smashed the glass front door with a hatchet entered the building and smashed the store's jewelry case with the hatchet as well.

In the latest case, early Monday morning someone broke a window in the downtown store with a pick axe and used the tool to smash several display cases and made off with a large amount of mostly men's watches.

Police say both cases are similar and they believe they could be related.

Video surveillance in the pawn-shop break in showed two men. One taller wearing a black "hoodie", with red bandana used as face mask. He was wearing dark blue gloves, black pants, and dark colored shoes.

The second suspect was shorter wearing a red-white plaid "hoodie", unknown face mask, white t-shirt, light blue gloves, gray sweatpants, and white shoes.

Police are still looking at evidence and video from the downtown break in.

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