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New conduct code up for PA council vote

November 5th, 2012 - 6:19am

(Port Angeles) -- The Port Angeles city council takes up a code of ethics tomorrow night.

The council will make a final vote on the proposal after tweaking it since late this summer.

The code would outline how city council members are expected to behave when in public.

The city took up the new code after two complaints this year centering on city councilmember Max Mania. Mania was accused by one member of the public of rude and unprofessional behavior over her lack of support for Mania's wife, Dale Holiday, who was running for county commissioner.

Later, councilmember Brooke Nelson presented multiple emails from Mania on his city account she said showed attempts to undermine positions formally adopted by the city council on the Nippon mill biomass project.

The proposed code creates of list of standards expected by councilmembers as well as avoiding conflicts of interest.

It also would set up a board of ethics to hear initial complaints and determine whether complaints would be forwarded to the city council which would have authority to hand down penalties.

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