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Chapman leads Roth for Commissioner

November 6th, 2012 - 8:56pm

(Port Angeles) -- Incumbent Mike Chapman is leading his efforts to earn a fourth term as Clallam County Commissioner.

Chapman, who states no party preference, garnered more than 61 percent of the general election votes counted at the courthouse Tuesday night.

Republican challenger Maggie Roth tallied more than 38 percent of the votes.

Clallam County Commissioner Dist. No. 2

Mike Chapman (NP) 15,290 61.64%

Maggie Roth (R) 9,516 38.36%

Total Votes 24,806 92.32%

Clallam County Auditor Patty Rosand says Tuesday night's count will include the ballots received through Monday -- 26-thousand-870 ballots -- 57 percent of the possible vote.

Rosand says there are an additional 41-hundred-20 ballots that have verified signatures on (this is not Tuesday’s total), but have not opened.

On election day 54-hundred-81 ballots were returned - boosting the total to 32-hundred-351. That’s 65-point-6 percent of our 47,157 voters in Clallam County who have now voted.

The next count will be by Friday November 9th at 4:30 p.m..

Rosand is predicting an 86 percent turnout.

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