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95 percent of PA oil spill removed

November 8th, 2012 - 2:27pm

(Port Angeles) – The Washington Department of Ecology estimates 95 percent of the heavy oil spilled into Port Angeles harbor Wednesday has been removed from the water.

Ecology and the Coast Guard continue to oversee oil spill cleanup operations today at Tesoro Port Angeles Terminal at the base of Ediz Hook.

Ecology's Curt Hart says crews are focusing their efforts today on removing the remaining fuel from the side of the overfilled barge and the wooden pilings under the fuel dock.

The spill occurred early Wednesday morning when a Harley Marine Services fuel barge was overfilled during fueling operations at the fueling terminal in Port Angeles Harbor.

Approximately 50 to 100 gallons of heavy fuel oil that reached the water was successfully captured inside containment boom that had been placed around the barge before the fuel transfer began.

An unknown amount of spilled fuel stayed on the deck of the Harley Marine barge.

Ecology requires pre-booming for large-volume oil transfers over water to provide a first line of defense should a spill occur.

By day’s end Wednesday, cleanup contractors Global Diving & Salvage and Marine Spill Response Corporation had cleaned up nearly all of the spilled oil from the water using absorbent materials.

Today, crews are cleaning the heavy oil from the side of the barge, Tesoro’s fuel dock and the pilings underneath.

The containment boom will remain in place during the operations.

No oiled mammals, birds, fish or other wildlife have been observed.

The cause of the spill remains under investigation.

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