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PA police contemplating changing patrol-shift lengths, gets new K9

November 13th, 2012 - 6:18am

(Port Angeles) -- Port Angeles police officers may start working longer shifts for fewer days a week.

Police chief Terry Gallagher says right now his staff is researching plans that could expand the shifts for the current eight-hours.

Gallagher says going to longer shifts would save on overtime the city now often pays, especially for officers having to stay on past their eight hours in order to do paperwork.

Local police and fire dispatchers recently went to 12 hour shifts with a longer number of days off between shifts. Gallagher says its been a good move.

"Our dispatchers came up with the plan to change shift lengths," said Gallagher. "What we found was a decrease in overtime and a dramatic drop in sick time because employees had longer rest periods and could better plan time with their families."

Gallagher says he has officers currently researching other police departments' shift schedules and expects to have a recommendation in the near future.

Meantime, the local police are getting a new police dog. "Bogie" was recently acquired and Gallagher says the new German Shepard will undergo training soon.

Gallagher expects "Bogie" will be in service by the middle of next year. Bogie will replace "Kilo", who is being retired after more than ten years in service for PA police.

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