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PA schools' chief sees many issues looming

November 14th, 2012 - 6:59am

(Port Angeles) -- Port Angeles schools superintendent Dr. Jane Pryne says the district is facing a number of tough issues.

But she says one of those, is a "trust issue".

"One of the things we looked at when we were revising our strategic plan, is that there were some trust issues between district administration and staff. We are addressing those issues currently," said Pryne.

Pryne says a major change in retention of teaching staff is on the horizon, with a new teacher grading system. Under that system, teachers will also need to get passing grades.

"Currently, we are collarborating with the PAEA leadership and teachers' union to come up with an evaluation system that is fair and equitible across the board. This is being mandated by the state legislature," said Pryne.

Pryne also says the subject of selling some school properties will be a major topic at another school board meeting this week.

The district right now is talking about selling the former Fairview Elementary school property east of Port Angeles.

But the district also faces issues with several half-century old buildings that are starting to fail. The district may float a bond issue soon to pay for new construction.

Pryne talked about school district issues with the Port Angeles Business Association yesterday.

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