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Port waives fees for foundation's boat moorage

November 27th, 2012 - 6:24am

(Port Angeles)-- Port of Port Angeles commissioners yesterday waived moorage fees for a local non-profit that helps surviving families of deceased service men and women.

The Captain Joseph House Foundation will not have to pay fees to tie up a boat at the Port Angeles Boat Haven.

Betsy Reed Schultz is the mother of Green Beret Captain Joseph Schultz, who was killed in action in May of 2011. She started the foundation. Schultz says the foundation was donated a former Sea Scout vessel in Port Angeles under contingency the moorage fee would be waived.

She says the foundation will be responsible for keeping the boat up and staffing it for families that wish to use it while visiting the area.

Schultz is converting her bed and breakfast in Port Angeles into a respite center where families of recently fallen soldiers can come to get away from the tragedy and heal as a family.

She says she hopes to have a soft grand opening on Memorial Day weekend, with families coming later next year.

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