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County closes on Carlsborg sewer hookup costs

December 4th, 2012 - 6:42am

(Port Angeles) -- A marathon work session of the Clallam County Commissioners yesterday ironed out several issues regarding the hookup cost structure of the Carlsborg Sewer system.

Commissioner Jim McEntire says there is a lot of paperwork to be done, as soon as possible.

"The work session was to inform the entire county commission about all the moving parts and decisions that have to be made sometime in the near future about the Carlsborg UGA and the sewer system," said McEntire.

Staff from the Community Development Department presented the key points of a proposed rate structure incentive for early hookup for sewer customers.

"It's hugely important, because that forms the decision on how to design and construct a collection system in Carlsborg," said McEntire. "You want to get that as well thought through as you can and make it as easy for people to make a decision depending on their own circumstances to connect to the sewer system soon rather than later."

Key points of the proposed hookup fee structure include 200 dollars for hookup to an existing residential unit during a 90-day subscription period.

Connection charge after expiration of the subscription period, and until 2-years after the sewer system begins operation will be one-thousand dollars per unit for existing and new development. However, the numbers are subject to change as plans continue forming for the project.

In order to obtain the discounted connection rate, the parcel owner agrees to sign a "Sewer Connection Agreement", and connect to the sewer, when the sewer arrives.

The county is leaning toward an option of piping sewage from Carlsborg to the city of Sequim for treatment in its wastewater plant.

The state has ordered the county to put in a sewer system in order to lift development restrictions in Carlsborg.

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