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Final harbor pollution study released

December 21st, 2012 - 5:01am

(Olympia) - The Washington Department of Ecology has issued final versions of two reports and a response to recent public comments on results of a large-scale sediment sampling study in Port Angeles Harbor.

The sediment study provides information on the location, concentration and likely sources of chemical contamination and wood debris on the harbor bottom.

The highest contamination is in the inner harbor and near the former Rayonier pulp mill, in the eastern part of the harbor. Chemical contaminants detected there include dioxins and PCBs. There were also toxic metals, ammonia and sulfides found. Ecology will use the data to determine more clean up at the Rayonier mill site.

Ecology has also established a second cleanup site in the western Port Angeles Harbor. The agency has named six potentially liable parties including the city and port of Port Angeles, Nippon Paper, Georgia Pacific and the state Department of Natural Resources to come up with a clean up for that section of the harbor.

The final reports came after another public comment period wrapped up. Copies of the final report are available on Ecology's website. Copies are also availalle at the Port Angeles and Peninsula College libraries.

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