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City to scale back plans for Lincoln Park

February 5th, 2013 - 7:43am

(Port Angeles) -- The city of Port Angeles is re-thinking a master plan for Lincoln Park.

City officials say the plan released last year from a consultant is too expensive and could drain city coffers trying to maintain it.

City manager Dan McKeen tells KONP, the formulation of the plan for the city's largest park was good getting many involved. But it will cost to much to implement.

He says even phasing in the multiple aspects of the improved park could prove too costly.

Park and Recreation Director Corey Delikat says, now they'll take the plan and try to scale it down. He says he'll work with the consultant to try to keep the most popular ideas for the park in place.

The master plan came out of the Port of Port Angeles' need to address trees in the park that are impeding the landing approach into nearby Fairchild Airport.

The city officials say they still hope a scaled-back plan for the park will address that issue.

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