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Biggest PA public works project ever on schedule

February 20th, 2013 - 5:53am

(Port Angeles) -- City of Port Angeles officials say a huge project to deal with stormwater flooding sewage into the harbor is on track.

The city council last night heard the Combined Sewer Overflow project may even be ahead of schedule.

Three phases of the project are going on at the same time along the city's waterfront, as crews install new pipes that will transport stormwater into a large storage tank at the former Rayonier property. That tank is intended to hold back stormwater surges that can overwhelm the city's sewage treatment plant and cause sewage to spill into the harbor. The state has mandated the city do the nearly 42-million-dollar project.

"This is the largest public works project the city has ever done. It looks like the project is on schedule," city manager Dan McKeen told Newsradio KONP Tuesday.

Some of the projects are having an effect on some downtown businesses, said McKeen, but it'a also a good time to "Choose Local", and help out those businesses affected.

"We always encourage citizens to chose local, but especially during this time when we have the CSO and the Waterfront Improvement Project that is impacting businesses right in waterfront area. I would encourage citizen to spend some time down there and spend some money to support those businesses" said McKeen.

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