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City can now take sponsorships and donations for waterfront improvement project

February 22nd, 2013 - 5:46am

(Port Angeles) -- The city of Port Angeles can acept sponsorship for parts of the downtown waterfront improvement project.

This week the city council approved a policy that will allow certain parts of the improvement to have names attached from private-sector donations.

The city has been trying to find ways to fully pay for the major revamp of the downtown waterfront.

Community and economic development director Nathan West says the sponsorship would be especially helpful in paying for parts of a new park planned for the west end of the project.

West says his department and parks and recreation will work closely on reviewing sponsorship proposals.

The new policy outlines the guidelines and procedures for private businesses, individuals, and corporations to be involved.

It's expected that 60% design drawings for the park will be out next month. West says additional sponsorship details can be discussed with the city council when the drawings are presented.

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