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Tsunami dock to be removed

March 4th, 2013 - 5:35am

(Forks) -- A derelict dock that washed onto an Olympic Peninsula beach late last year should be gone by the end of the month.

A Port Townsend company has been hired to remove the dock, believed to be debris from the 2011 tsunami in Japan.

It washed onto a remote beach in Olympic National Park in December.

The dock weighs about 185 tons and is 65 by 20 feet and nearly eight feet tall. Most of the dock is made of a Styro-foam type material encased in steel-reinforced concrete.

Port Townsend's "Undersea Company" will work with National Marine Sanctuary, national park, and local partners to remove the dock by dismantling it on the beach and removing the pieces by helicopter. The timetable for removing the dock is dependent on weather and tidal conditions.

It'll cost nearly 480-thousand dollars. Most of the cost will be covered by money given to the US government from Japan to cover removal after confirmed the dock was lost during the March 2011 tsunami based on a serial number.

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