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Unemployment shoots upward in Clallam

March 14th, 2013 - 5:44am

Port Angeles) -- Unemployment rates continue to climb in Clallam County.

According to state figures, the unemployment rate in January was at 11-point-one percent. That's a nearly one and a half percent increase in the jobless rate since December. Unemployment is now just three tenths of a point lower than it was in January last year.

State economist for the Olympic Peninsula Region, Elizabeth Court, says the bad news was driven by a loss of 560 private sector jobs in the area between December and January.

Court says the local unemployment rates continue to climb, while the statewide numbers are going down. But she says Clallam's rate increase is similar to what is happening in other rural counties around the state.

Statewide, unemployment remained at 7.5 percent in January.

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