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Ferry dock nearly finished, company pushing for more travellers

March 20th, 2013 - 6:32am

(Port Angeles) -- An upgrade to the ferry dock in Port Angeles is moving ahead.

Black Ball Transport marketing manager Ryan Malane says work to make improvements on the Coho ferry dock downtown should be wrapped up by the end of April including adding new structures.

The dock has been under construction for nearly a year.

Meantime, Melane told the Port Angeles Business Association yesterday his company is part of an effort between Port Angeles leaders and the city of Victoria to increase tourism, day trips and economic impacts for both cities.

Malane says the day trips have proven very successful. He noted a special offering to last fall's Crab Festival brought in thousands of tourists for the event. Malane says they were almost overbooked, and this year will tailor the package to get people to come a day before and a day after as well.

Malane says they're putting together a package for the Lavender Weekend in Sequim, including buses to get people from Port Angeles to the Sequim area for the event.

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