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Port Angeles man convicted of assault, violating court oder

April 4th, 2013 - 6:28am

(Port Angeles) -- A Port Angeles man has been convicted of domestic Violence assault in violation of a court order.

The Prosecutor's office says 50-year-old Larry Stigall had surprised his ex-girlfriend as she stood on her porch for a smoke break, slamming her head into the house, then rode off on his bicycle after calling her a string of obscenities.

The woman had obtained a restraining order after previous incidents.

Prosecutor Deb Kelly says Stigall faces a prison term of between two and five years in prison, due to seven prior felony convictions for theft, stolen property and drugs.

Kelly says domestic restraining order are not just paper, adding violations have serious consequences, which may include prison.

She says domestic violence victims who have protection orders need to know that the Prosecutor's office will go after people who violate these orders.

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