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PUD approves change to mileage payments

April 16th, 2013 - 6:17am

(Port Angeles) -- Clallam PUD has a new plan for reimbursing employees for mileage.

PUD commissioners yesterday agreed to a revision to the policy, now paying 75 cents a mile. That's about three and a half cents a mile lower than the PUD's previous rate for employees who drive their own vehicles.

Commissioner Will Purser says the PUD takes the Internal Revenue Service's standard mileage rate of 55 cents and adds 23 cents to it.

Commissioners took another look at the mileage plan after media reports surfaced about the PUD's policy. Most other taxing districts pay the IRS amount allowed for mileage.

Purser says the PUD's push to have employees use their own vehicles works for employees and the PUD.

The new mileage rate combines the cost of using pool vehicles, which amounts to $1.10 per mile, to the cost of using a private vehicle, around 60-cents.

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