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Man found dead in PT marina

April 22nd, 2013 - 5:30am

(Port Townsend) -- A Port Townsend man was found dead floating in the water at the Port Townsend Boat Haven.

49-year-old Richard Finn was discovered yesterday morning.

Police say Finn was living on a friend's sailboat moored in the marina.

But it's unknown how he ended up in the water. An autopsy was planned yesterday.

Finn was last seen alive around five Sunday morning when a police officer stopped to check on him near the Boat Haven.

The officer says Finn appeared to have been consuming alcohol, so the officer summoned a fire department ambulance for a medical evaluation. No cause for medical concern was found at the time, so the officer and aid crew escorted Finn to his boat.

Police says the officer and aid personnel ensured Finn was safely in the cabin of the vessel before departing. It is unknown when or why he later exited the boat.

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