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City offering money for disconnecting downspouts

June 13th, 2013 - 6:17am

(Port Angeles) -- City of Port Angeles residents could get up to $500 from the city if they disconnect their downspouts and build a rain garden.

The city has implemented the "Green Infrastructure Rebate Program". It's an effort to cut down on the water runoff that can carry pollutants into the city's sewage system, and eventually the harbor.

City engineer Kathryn Neal says its all part of the city's efforts to deal with heavy rain water that overwhelms the sewer system.

There are a number of different rebates available through the program depending on how much remodeling a home owner is willing to do. Neal says right now, the rain garden commands the highest rebate from the city.

The city has information on the rebates at its website, cityofpa.us and has set up a hotline at 417-4380.

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