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Port Angeles pool reopening delayed

June 21st, 2013 - 1:00pm

(Port Angeles) -- William Shore Memorial Pool in Port Angeles will reopen a day later than planned.

The pool was scheduled to reopen on Monday. But due to an unforseen power issue, the pool will open Tuesday morning at 5 am.

This week, crews filled the pool with water and turned on a new state-of-the-art air handling system.

The pool has been closed since May 24th for the major renovation.

Pool district executive director Steve Burke says they hope to have all the work finished by this weekend in time to reopen the pool at five Monday morning.

The pool district is spending about one and a half million dollars on the upgrades this year. That's coupled with another half a million dollars in fixes to the pool last summer.

Burke say they're using a $650,000 general obligation bond borrowed at 3.25 percent interest Clallam County commissioners approved this spring. In addition, the pool is getting energy-efficiency loans to pay for some of the work.

The new, air-handling system that is more efficient and will recycle heat from the building into heating the pool water.

Burke says that should cut the pool's 10-thousand dollar a month electricity bill in half and allow them to pay for the upgrades at the pool with the savings in about six years.

The pool's water is also being treated with a salt-water, chlorine generating system and ultraviolet lights, which is eliminated nearly all the chemicals that used to be added to the water.

Burke says they're planning a more official re-opening ceremony next month that could feature discounts and other incentives to encourage people to come see the upgraded pool.

He says new upgrades should nearly eliminate the need to shut down the pool for extended maintenance periods like the past two summers.

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