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Port commission presidents speak on executive director issue

July 10th, 2013 - 6:26am

(Port Angeles) -- Port of Port Angeles commissioner Jim Hallett was peppered with questions from the Port Angeles Business Association yesterday regarding the latest controversy with the port.

Hallet spoke a day after port commissioners narrowed a field of possible interim executive director candidates down to four.

They're looking for someone to replace Jeff Robb, who stepped down two weeks ago as the executive director. Robb was then immediately rehired for a new environmental affairs director position paying the same 138-thousand dollar a year salary. The port still hasn't posted a job description for what Robb's new job entails.

Hallett says they won't release the names of the finalists for interim director, but he has been told to arrange closed-door interviews.

We asked Hallett if any local port official with recent executive experience might have been approached...someone familiar enough with Port business to step in quickly.

Hallett wouldn't rule that out, but said he couldn't speak for how the other two commissioners felt.

Hallett said a number of variables will come into play before a salary is finalized, but those will be worked out during final negotiations. He says its likely they'll take the former director's pay rate into account in negotiating the new salary.

The port paid a Seattle firm $50-thousand dollars to come up with a list of potential interim directors. The same firm has been hired to search for a new permanent director.

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