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Port Angeles launches its own webcam

July 16th, 2013 - 5:55am

(Port Angeles) -- Port Angeles now has its own webcam.

Port Angeles Regional Chamber of Commerce executive director Russ Veenema says using former the webcam owned and controlled by King 5 wasn't cutting it anymore.

He says Port Angeles needed one with local control.

Veenema says they'll now be able to rotate the camera, as well as zoom in on the scene. Veenema says area residents aren't the only people who can view the web-cam. Potential Port Angeles visitors can as well.

The web-cam is located about 100 yards east of the Coho Ferry dock. This is the only web-cam planned by the chamber.

Veenema encourages everyone who has a web page to attach the web-cam link to their webpages page and spread the word.

You can get the link at: "http://www.portangeles.org/assets/webcam/pawaterfront.jpg" target = new>

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