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City light power rates may go up due to BPA rate hike

July 26th, 2013 - 5:20am

(Port Angeles) -- A wholesale power rate increase from the Bonneville Power Administration could effect some local power bills next year.

The B-P-A has adopted a 9 percent average wholesale power rate boost, as well as an 11 percent spike to transmission rates.

Port Angeles Director of Public Works and Utilities Director Glenn Cutler tells Newsradio K-O-N-P that the B-P-A's rate boost is not a surprise to the city.

He says the B-P-A has been putting out information in the past number of months for its rate case and adds the city is the middle of a doing a cost-of-service analysis.

B-P-A says the new rates will affect local utilities differently, depending on the amount of power and type of service they purchase.

Those utilities will ultimately decide how the rate will impact individual customers and businesses.

The new B-P-A rates take effect October 1st.

Cutler says the city of P-A traditionally has not passed on the increase for a three-month period, but factors that into the rate -- if and when they are changed -- on January 1st.

Cutler says he will have some preliminary numbers in the late summer or early fall, which will be followed by some public hearings.

He says the city has traditionally held 2 public hearings, the first including a staff presentation to the public and a second session where public comments are addressed.

After the hearings, it's up to the city council to make a determination of whether to accept the staff's recommendation or make some other adjustments to it.

B-P-A says its transmission rate increases are necessary for improvements to infrastructure and for mandatory compliance and security requirements.

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