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Quartet completes Lake Crescent crossing

August 19th, 2013 - 5:24am

(Port Angeles) -- It took just over five hours for four open-water swimmers to swim the length of Lake Crescent yesterday.

Howie Ruddell, Kathy Beirne, Shawn Delplain and Todd Clayton stepped in at East Beach about six yesterday morning. At about 11:30, they emerged at Fairholme. The swim was a total of nine miles.

Ruddell says they had varying conditions during the swim, but the water was calm most of the way. The quartet was able to finish earlier than expected.

They have been training for the swim for months and regularly participate in swimming parts of the lake during the summer months and hit the swimming pool in the winter.

The swim was also used as a fundraiser and awareness campaign for the Captain Joseph House, a respite center for families who have lost loved ones during the global war on terror being developed in Port Angeles.

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