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New exec says he's trying to move port's mission foward

August 22nd, 2013 - 6:43am

(Port Angeles) -- Newly-hired Interim Executive Director for the Port of Port Angeles, Ken O'Holleran, has been on the job for 3-weeks now.

He's inherited an agency that has been under scrutiny since the resignation of the former executive director Jeff Robb and his controversial rehiring in a newly-created position with the same pay.

The changes were prompted by a whistleblower complaint that indicated problems with management at the port.

But O'Holleran tells KONP he is trying to push through some of the controversies and keep the port on track.

"The important objective is to allow the port staff to continue the fine work that they are doing and providing executive leadership, strong leadership with the board and just riding every opportunity I can for the port to report to advance its mission," said O'Holleran.

When asked about the Jeff Robb situation, O'Holleran had only praise for the former executive director.

"I've met with Jeff on several occasions and I think he's doing a fine job on managing the port's rather extensive matters having to do with environmental affairs. He's doing great," said O'Holleran.

Out of the port controversies has emerged a move to change terms for port commissioners. A petition is being circulated that would ask for a change from six-year to four-year terms for port board members.

"I don't have any strong views on that, I've heard arguments on both sides. I think the commission's gonna have a discussion on that at its meeting next Monday so we'll look forward to hearing more about it then," said O'Holleran.

That proposed term-tenure change would appear on the next general election ballot, if a petition drive collects enough signatures.

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