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Clallam Transit mobile wireless experiment extended

August 28th, 2013 - 6:15am

(Port Angeles) -- Clallam Transit is testing out a new wireless router system for commuters.

The system is called "MiFi" and stands for "My Wi-Fi". It works at a distance up to 30 feet. It means passengers on some Clallam Transit busses can log in for broadband service while the bus is rolling. Verizon Wireless is providing the service for free through September 17th.

Transit operations manager Clint Wetzel says so far the project is working well.

Wetzel sasy the idea for providing internet on transit buses emanated from the transit board.

The MiFi test program is currently used on the Forks and Sequim-Port Angeles routes. The system is designed to accommodate up to 10 wireless devices. The decision to fully implement the system will depend on how well it works and on how many commuters take advantage of the MiFi connection.

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