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Police, volunteers clear illegal campsites in Port Angeles

August 29th, 2013 - 5:22am

(Port Angeles) -- A number of illegal campsites located near the downtown Port Angles business district have been removed along with 2,900 pounds of accumulated trash and debris.

The effort was a coordinated effort between the Port Angeles Police Department and the Clallam County Sheriff's Office to clear out ten targeted, illegal camping areas catering to transients. No arrests or citations were issued during the clean-up effort.

Four trailer loads of trash were taken from four campsites located above Front Street, the Waterfront Trail, under the City Pier and by Estuary Park. The operation was conducted by the Port Angeles Downtown Resource Officer, Dallas Maynard, and also utilized the Sheriff's Department's Chain Gang to assist in the clean-up effort. This is the third time within a year that illegal campsites have been targeted for clean up.

About six other campsites targeted by the police department still face cleanup efforts in the coming week. The public's assistance in identifying these campsites is encouraged by police officials. Port Angeles Police deputy chief, Brian Smith says anyone that notices illegal camping activity within the Port Angeles City limits is urged to contact the Port Angeles Police Department's non-emergency phone number at 452-4545.

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