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Port commission candidates meet before business group

September 4th, 2013 - 6:31am

(Port Angeles) -- Port of Port Angeles commission candidates Colleen McAleer and Del Delabarre squared off yesterday at the Port Angeles Business Association's weekly meeting.

Delabarre came out swinging more sharply than he has so far.

"There are issues here that are so important. The venue of a forum gives us an opportunity to present rather than discuss. And I think there are issues here that go to the basis of process, basis of commission integrity that have to be addressed in public and the only way to do that is to bring the issues forward," said Delabarre.

Delabarre was asked about has calling for "re-structuring" the Port Commission, but he says he never called for re-structuring.

"What I remember saying is we need change in culture. And then I used her (McAleer) own quotes, which I happen to agree with. I believe that the current structure based on the bylaws and policies set forth by the commission our totally adequate what we need is an adherence to them. We have to have structural and management integrity moving forward," said Delabarre.

In an interview after the forum, McAleer felt that her opponent was coming out in more of an attack mode than in the past few weeks:

"I would say that's pretty much what I saw at this meeting. But, when you don't have a platform yourself then the easiest way to move forward is to attack someone else's platform," said McAleer.

McAleer and Delabarre were asked how they feel about a proposed 5-member Port commission, as compared to the present 3-member Board: Right now, any meeting of a majority of the Commission such as two members, would constitute a quorom, and McAleer said that's not allowable.

"As I understand it, what the law prohibits is making any decision or agreement with a quorum. So two of three commissioners in a quorum. the They can speak to one another but it is a really slippery slope and the culture is that the commissioners should not speak to each other unless the board attorney is present," said McAleer.

Ballots will be sent out to voters for the general election in about a month and a half.

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