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Gase appointed to city council

September 4th, 2013 - 6:42am

(Port Angeles) -- The Port Angeles city council voted unanimously last night for local real estate broker Dan Gase to fill a vacancy on the council.

Gase will serve for the next two months on the unexpired term created when Max Mania resigned.

But he'll have to give up the seat to the winner of the November general election. As soon as the election is certified in late November, the winner will be seated immediately rather than at the first of the year.

One of the candidates for that position, Peter Ripley, filed to fill the vacancy. The other candidate for the appointment was Rob Sommers.

"Dan Gase was prepared to take this seat at this time and participate in the budget assessment and give us consistency as he will take his elected seat in January. But, he has been to every council meeting and every workshop and preparing for this position since the beginning of the year," said Port Angeles mayor Cherie Kidd.

Gase is running unopposed this fall for another position on the council. In January, he'll move to that position.

Gase says the next few in his interim position will give him a jump start at the first of the year, when the council begins deliberations on the next year's budget.

"The next couple months will be really important with the budget discussions going on and to be a part of that is really important to me and I think it'll be important for the council because a lot of the actual decisions that are made next year and approval of the budget will be predicated on all this preparation work and being a part of that is going to be a real asset," said Gase.

Following the vote of the Council, Gase was sworn into office by City Clerk Janessa Hurd, then took his new seat in the position-two chair.

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