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Six legal "pot" stores for Clallam County under new state law

September 12th, 2013 - 5:28am

(Port Angeles) -- Controversy surrounding the implementation of Washington's legalized marijuana Initiative 502, continue to fester as deadlines for the legal production, sales and use of pot near the December 1st start date.

Clallam County will be permitted to open six retail stores with three "at-large" county locations, two Port Angeles stores, and one store for Sequim. In addition to rules already spelled out in the legislation, cities and counties will have a say about the locations of these new retail pot stores, through zoning.

State Liquor Control Board spokesman Brian Smith says background checks could disqualify certain people with criminal histories from becoming part of the legal sales of pot.

Clallam County's total of six legal pot outlets are miniscule when compared to other counties throughout the state. King County will have the most retail pot stores with 61, followed by Snohomish County's 35 and Pierce County's 31.

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