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Port Angeles police investigate utility scam

September 20th, 2013 - 5:28am

(Port Angeles) Port Angeles Police are investigating a utilities scam that has now found its way to the city.

Over the last month the city of Port Angeles utility staff have received complaints from customers regarding calls from people claiming to represent a collection agency representing the city. The party reportedly threatens to cut off electricity unless they receive immediate payment. The city of Port Angeles does not use a collection agency to collect payment on current utility accounts.

Deputy police chief, Brian Smith says most of the potential victims of this scam have sniffed it out before being duped into paying any money to the scammers.

Brochures warning of this scam will be included in future utility bills so that customers are aware of the problem.

Any attempt by someone claiming to be a collection agency representing the city should be reported to the Port Angeles Police Department.

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