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Downtown PA wraps up branding effort

September 27th, 2013 - 5:43am

(Port Angeles) – A 3-day study of downtown Port Angeles has come up with ideas for branding, logos and ways to try to rejuvenate the downtown.

Brothers Ben and Trip Muldrow are urban planners. The Port Angeles Downtown Association brought them here this week. They met with a number of groups of local residents and leaders to get their ideas about what make downtown Port Angeles unique.

Trip Muldrow sasys the brothers crammed a whole lot study and information into a very short time here.

He says the ideas for possible branding will go to the PADA's board for a final decision. But he says he thinks they have well-thought-out statement the PADA can work with.

Among the slogans and logo brought forward are “Rough Cut, fine grain”, referring to the city's history of logging, fishing, mills and plenty of saloons...most of which are long gone now. Another suggestion was changing “Port Angeles Downtown Association, to “Port Angeles Downtown Partnership.”

The PADA used 12-thousand dollars in Main Street program tax money to bring the consultants to town.

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