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ONP still shuttered as Federal shutdown continues

October 2nd, 2013 - 5:42am

(Port Angeles) -- The Federal Government shut down has furloughed 103 employees at Olympic National Park.

Tourism and access to the parks has been curtailed until members of Congress reach an agreement to fund federal programs.

Barb Maynes of the Olympic National Park says a skeleton crew will remain on duty to maintain park security, critical water and wastewater systems and provide continuity point of contact and communications.

In addition to the park employees who have been furloughed, an untold number of people who have planned vacations and outings to the park are also out of luck.

Maynes says they are aware of the impacts to both visitors and local neighbors who derive economic benefit from the parks.

31 park employees remain on duty. They are considered essential personnel to the infrastructure of the park.

The remaining 103 furloughed employees continue to wait to be called back into service.

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