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New rails to be added to downtown esplanade

October 18th, 2013 - 5:39am

(Port Angeles) -- Just when it appeared that the renovation project to the Port Angeles esplanade was complete, some additional hand railings will be added in between the lighted posts along the pier. The additional railings came at the prompting of some citizens to the City, who pointed out some safety concerns.

The new handrails will be added to the existing stepdowns and serve as a means of guiding pedestrians to the stairways that lead to the pier. The stepdowns do not have the same amount of stairs as the regular stairways, and have caused some concern about the visual perception to people who might use the stairways to get down to the pier.

Nathan West, the Director of Port Angeles's Community and Economic Development, says that the project is already underway, with the railings currently in production. He hopes to see the project complete within another 4-5 weeks, which should have the project complete by Thanksgiving.

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