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Lauridsen Bridge on track for January opening

October 24th, 2013 - 6:47am

(Port Angeles) The Lauridsen bridge project over Peabody Creek in Port Angeles continues moving upward. Crews are starting to build the supports for the new bridge.

The city started the bridge replacement back on August 5th with the bridge's demolition. Since then, it has been closed to traffic.

Tom Ellis is an inspector with Exeltech Consulting, the company providing construction consulting on the project. He says weather is the big factor now for hitting the January goal to reopen the bridge. Ellis says temperatures need to stay warm enough for the concrete to cure properly, and that might be a problem as winter weather set in.

When complete, the bridge will be a single span concrete structure, with enhanced and widened sidewalks, extended bicycle lanes, and improved turning radii at the intersection to accommodate trucks, buses and vacation vehicles.

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