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Port approves pay raises, starts new compensation program

December 10th, 2013 - 5:22am

(Port Angeles) –- Port of Port Angeles employees are getting a raise.

Port commissioners yesterday approved a one and half percent increase for non-union employees. Union employees will see their pay go up 1.6 percent next year.

But the port is also looking at a new salary structure, following a compensation study earlier this year. Port Commissioner Jim Hallett explained Monday's decision.

“We've embarked on a new compensation philosophy,” said Hallet. “Part of that is driven where we want our employees to be in the mid point of the market-based compensation. It is much more like the private sector where people are compensated on performance, merit raise, our organization achieving out metrics and our goals and objectives.”

In many instances across the country, merit raises have been abused. Some claiming management played favorites in awarded the salary bumps. We asked Hallett if that could be a problem in this case.

“Since this is a new approach there will be some training involved. Department managers will have to undergo training on how to implement merit adjustments. It will take some time, but we're comfortable with that. We'll report to the public on how we are doing,” said Hallett.

Hallett says he's looking forward to the new commission makeup at the first of the year, and hopes for smooth sailing in 2014.

The Port commission gave Paul McHugh r a send off yesterday. McHugh is leaving his position on the board. Colleen McAleer will take over the first of the year after winning the seat in this fall's elections. McAleer is quitting her port job as business development director. The Port is still looking for a replacement for that staff position.

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