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Controversial dog shelter in Forks to shutter

December 16th, 2013 - 5:35am

(Forks) – The owner of a controversial animal shelter in Forks says he will shut it down and move the animals.

Steve Markwell wrote a message to his supporters this weekend, saying pressure from “animal rights” activists has become too hard to continue running the Olympic Animal Sanctuary.

Protesters have been picketing the facility, saying the shelter has too many dogs living in squalor. In some cases, photos showed dogs kept crates too small for them to stand.

Markwell was arrested last week when Forks police say he kicked and pounded on the legally parked car of a protester across the street.

Markwell opened the non-profit shelter to take in dogs which were otherwise unadoptable due to being dangerous or other health concerns.

Markwell wrote the animal rights activists have created a social media firestorm he says are “full of lies”.

Markwell says he is making arrangements for the animals to go to the Best Friends Animal Society and will be transferred out of Forks. He plans to dissolve the Olympic Animal Sanctuary.

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