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City extends broadband contract as provider sells

December 19th, 2013 - 5:11am

(PORT ANGELES)-- Wave Cable is in the process of acquiring Capacity Provisioning Incorporated, a fiber optic provider, and that could mean some changes for the city of Port Angeles and its internet contract.

Capacity Provisioning Incorporated, better known as CPI, owns over 100 miles of the fiber optic cable in the Port Angeles and surrounding area. This fiber optic network stretches from the west side of Port Angeles to the east end of Sequim, 22 miles away.

In 2002, an agreement was approved between the city of Port Angeles and CPI. This agreement designed and built an interconnecting fiber optic ring encircling the entire city that delivers high speed fiber optic internet connections to the city and businesses.

With the acquisition of CPI by Wave Broadband, the city had some decisions to make on reworking the current contract. City Manager, Dan McKeen says the city will extend its current agreement through 2024. It had been set to expire in 2017. McKeen says that this is a good deal for the city in two ways in that it keeps the city's broadband rates stable for an additional seven years and it also eliminates the need for the city to build its own broadband network which could translate into higher utility rates.

The city council approved McKeen to go ahead with this contract for the city. The paperwork should be finished within the next few weeks.

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