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Dogs moved from controversial Forks shelter

December 23rd, 2013 - 5:29am

(Forks) – 124 dogs from a controversial animal shelter in Forks, are being driven to a new location.

Olympic Animal Sanctuary owner Steve Markwell says he loaded up the dogs in a semi-truck trailer.

Forks police went to the sanctuary Saturday and found the animals were gone.

Markwell told the Peninsula Daily News he wanted to get the dogs “somewhere they will be safe” and he couldn't risk anyone “getting in the way of that”.

Animal rights protesters have been picketing the sanctuary, calling for its closure. They say dogs were overcrowded, malnourished and living in squalor.

Markwell opened the non-profit Olympic Animal Sanctuary to take in dogs that were otherwise unadoptable, mostly because they were considered dangerous.

Markwell hasn't disclosed exactly where the dogs were going, but the president of the New York based Guardians of Rescue told the PDN it was a warm location. Robert Misseri says the transfer of the dogs will be documented and released to the media. Misseri says no one will be allowed to know the exact location while they find new homes for the dogs.

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