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City approves flow control ordinance for region's garbage

January 22nd, 2014 - 5:37am

(Port Angeles) – It'll cost more to dump garbage at the Port Angeles Regional Transfer station for some users. And all garbage in the area will be required to flow through the transfer station in Port Angeles.

The city council last night adopted a new “Solid Waste Flow Control” ordinance. With it comes new regulations and rates on how solid waste is taken care of in the area.

“It's an ordinance where the solid waste generated within a certain geographic area is required to go to the local landfill or transfer station,” said Port Angeles public works and utilities director Craig Fulton. “It maintains a steady flow of solid waste and also steady revenues.”

The new ordinance will mostly affect major demolition projects. If a facility is demolished as “solid waste”, all materials must go to the transfer station. But, if a facility is “deconstructed”, many of the materials are considered as recycling, and may be disposed of at any material recycling entity, local or out of county.

Fulton says the new ordinance will also effect bond investors, and could provide better investments as the city uses bonds to pay for a bluff stabilization project at the former landfill site in west Port Angeles.

“It provides bond holders with a level of security for their assets and when they are secure in their assests, they'll require a lower interest for the bonds which would lower the overall cost of the project,” said Fulton.

Fulton says revenue bonds would be less expensive with flow control. He says a one point decrease in financing saves approximately $100-thousand dollars per year, which would decrease tipping fees two per cent.

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