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City of PA approves solid waste "flow control" ordinance

February 6th, 2014 - 5:51am

(Port Angeles) – The city of Port Angeles has approved a new ordinance dealing with garbage coming to the regional transfer station.

This week, the city council unanimously approved the “flow control” ordinance.

The ordinance requires most of the solid waste that comes from the city of Port Angeles and not picked up by city trucks to come to the transfer station on the west side of Port Angeles.

City manager Dan McKeen says putting requirement in the form of an ordinance will help with revenue stability. That's something revenue bond holders want in order to get better interest rates. The city is using a bond to pay for a 20-million dollar fix to the bluff at the former landfill. The bluff has eroded, exposing garbage from the old landfill that could spill into the Strait of Juan de Fuca.

McKeen says the ordinance exempt recyclable items and a few other items that are not allowed at the transfer station.

The city council also formally adopted the accounting of the revenues for the landfill. McKeen says the plan will also ensures all of the sales tax revenue that comes from the landfill will go to the bluff stabilization project.

Part of the utility taxes will also be put toward paying off the bonds for the project.

But Clallam County commissioners have had issues with the ordinance. They are concerned it could take away future options for solid waste in the region. The county is considering a similar flow control ordinance.

The city of Sequim currently has a contract to bring its garbage to Port Angeles.

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