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New sewer in Carlsborg to start construction next year

February 13th, 2014 - 5:56am

(Port Angeles) – Consultants hired by Clallam County say piping sewage from Carlsborg to be treated in Sequim is still the cheapest option.

Engineers from Gray & Osborne, Inc. and FCS group briefed county officials and Carlsborg residents on the project this week.

The county has had to come up with a plan to put in a system to deal with sewage in Carlsborg in order to get a state ban on development in the area lifted.

Gray & Osborne project engineer Jay Swift said things are on schedule and the numbers still show the best option is to collect sewage in Carlsborg and pipe it to the city of Sequim's sewage treatment plant.

“It's pretty much on schedule. We're planning to start construction next year and will take about a year to build. It should be in operation in the first half of 2016,” said Swift.

One of the questions facing the project was the projected location of the main pumping station...in Carlsborg or the existing station in Sequim.

“We've not made that decision yet. The preliminary analysis has supported conveyence to Sequim,” said Swift.

Initial hookup fees to the new sewer line are pegged at $500- dollars. A year later, that charge could run up to $7-thousand dollars. The incentive plan is to get as many subscribers signed up as soon as possible.

For the next 20 years, the sewer charge is estimated at about $68-dollars per month for sewer customers.

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