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City adds to well contract

February 21st, 2014 - 5:34am

(Port Angeles) The city of Port Angeles is continuing a contract with a company to continue evaluating the city's Ranney Well.

The city council this week approved an amendment to the agreement with Layne Christenson, Inc, of Columbus, Ohio, for up to $21-thousand dollars, to continue to evaluate the performance of the well.

The 60-foot deep well next to the Elwha River is used to provide a good portion of the drinking water for the city.

But large amounts of sediment released by the destruction of both Elwha dams has impacted the well and potentially could limit its life and reduce its draw. The city's future water was supposed to come from two new water treatment plants on the river. But sediment issues have clogged those plants and diminished output. That prompted the city to rely again more heavily on the Ranny Well.

Under the new agreement, Layne Christenson will install additional equipment along the river and conduct more inspections The $21-thousand dollar increase will bring the cost of the contract to just over $71-thousand dollars.

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