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Port Angeles chamber members want improvement in business groups

March 18th, 2014 - 5:41am

(Port Angeles) Port Angeles Regional Chamber of Commerce members, attending a general meeting yesterday, overwhelmingly agreed something needs to be done to improve the business-representative groups in the city.

The chamber gave an update on the PA United effort. That's a committee made up of board members from the chamber as well as the Port Angeles Downtown and Business associations.

They have been meeting the past two months to come up with possible ways the groups could better work together and create a more unified voice for business in Port Angeles.

During yesterday's chamber meeting, nearly everyone of the more than 60 attendee raised their hand when asked if they were frustrated with the current make up of business representation. In a question-and-answer period, all of the comments pointed toward finding some collaboration between groups in order to be more efficient and unified.

PA United meets for at least one more time next week. The group could begin presenting plans for structurally aligning the three groups. However, it was emphasized during yesterday's chamber gathering, there are no plans at this point for if or how the groups might merge.

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