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County to take up garbage ordinance

March 20th, 2014 - 5:54am

(PORT ANGELES)-- County Commissioners will hear from the public next month on an ordinance that could determine how much the cost of trash hauling will increase for the many county residents.

The proposed “flow control ordinance” would require all trash in the central part of the county go through the regional transfer station operated by the city of Port Angeles.

Port Angeles has already adopted a similar ordinance. The city says if the ordinance is adopted by the county, it will create a steady revenue stream for the transfer station and reduce terms of a revenue bond.

The city is using the bond to help fix a collapsing bluff at the city's old landfill site on west 18th Street that threatens to spill garbage into the Strait of Juan de Fuca.

County public works administrative director Bob Martin says, if approved, the county ordinance could mean prices for trash hauling might go up.

In prior meetings, county commissioners expressed concern that the ordinance sets up a monopoly for the trash disposal. With no where else to go, large trash hauling projects could face competition outside of the county.

The Department of Ecology has already provided financial assistance to the City with $3.9-million dollars, but the City still needs almost $16-million dollars of additional bonds to cover the project's cost. If the County chooses not to implement the “flow control ordinance”, Martin says trash disposal costs will likely increase anyway, but the city's bond costs will increase due to a longer term for the needed bond.

County commissioners hold a public hearing on the ordinance April 8th.

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