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Gas prices continue to rise heading into busy travel season

April 9th, 2014 - 6:01am

PORT ANGELES) The price for a gallon of gasoline is up for the state of Washington. In a recent survey, the triple-A Auto Club lists the average price at $3.71.

The triple-A says that gas prices rose 2-cents in a week and 17-cents in a month, but still remains 2-cents below what prices were a year ago. These price increases are typical at this time of year as refineries slow down production for maintenance and switch to summer blends.

Jennifer Cook is with Triple-A Washington. She says the survey found some interesting results as to which groups of people are making the biggest adjustments to rising gas prices.

She says people 18-34 are now choosing to work closer to home mainly because of the cost of gas.

A Lundberg survey shows the highest price for gas in the lower United States was in Los Angeles, at $4.04 per gallon. The lowest price was in Billings, Montana at $3.20 per gallon. Across the United States, the price of regular gasoline rose 4.9 cents over the past two weeks, but as in Washington, the nation-wide average is still 4-cents lower than a year ago.

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